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Blackheath Football Club


1982 - 2022

Welcome to Blackheath FC

In 2022 Blackheath FC celebrates 40 years of fostering and developing amateur 

Football in the Upper Blue Mountains of NSW.


In 2022 Blackheath FC celebrated 40 years in the community.

That’s 40 years of parents just like you, volunteering at the club in various different roles, such as coaching a team or managing a team, and working behind the scenes in committee 

positions such as President, Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer or Kit Officer.

All of these roles are important, and are extremely rewarding and take up a small amount of time. 

Maybe an hour each week during the season.

At Blackheath FC we’ve been lucky to have some amazing volunteers over the years like Barry and Pam who run the raffle at the Gardners Inn, which brings in much needed funds.

We’ve had busy local people in our ranks like Mark Linsley, Jill Antaw, Jim Rhodes, Vikki Rhodes, Kristian Boehringer, Enid Mackay, Morgan Boehringer, Mat Hill and Larry Howard 

who have all committed to roles and lent a hand in the past.

Currently the club is relying very heavily on one man, Daniel Roberts our Honorary Secretary,

 but like many on the committee, Dan’s children are now older and no longer involved in BFC.

It’s essential for the longevity of the club that we see a new group of people step up and volunteer at the club, especially those with children starting out with the 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and 10's age groups, so they can stay in a role for a few seasons and see that Blackheath keeps its local football club.

If you and your child have enjoyed 2022 with Blackheath FC please take the next step and offer to volunteer your time next season.

It will make a huge difference and help maintain Blackheath FC. 

Contact us on [email protected]

Best regards,

BFC Committee.

- BFC in the Community - 

Blackheath Sports Precinct

BMCC backs BSPG proposal for new community sports centre.

BSPG is a community group made up of all the sport and recreation groups using Blackheath Oval including Blackheath Football Club,

Blackheath Cricket Club, Blackheath Tennis Club, Blackheath Rugby League Club, Blackheath Scouts, 

Blue Mountains Dog Training Club and Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre.

The group was formed in December 2021 with the express purpose of upgrading oval facilities. 

(L to R) Michael Brogan (Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre), 

Mark McGrath (Blackheath Sports Precinct Group [BSPG] and Blackheath Cricket Club), 

Cr Suzie Van Opdorp, Cr Sarah Redshaw, Toby Griffin (Blackheath Scouts), Daniel Roberts (Blackheath Football Club).

From the Blue Mountains Gazette December 9 2022

Blue Mountains City Council has backed a proposal for a new community sports centre at Blackheath Oval.

At their November 29 meeting, council gave support to Blackheath Sports Precinct Group's (BSPG) proposal 

for a new community sports centre on the old dressing sheds site at Blackheath Oval.

Council had previously decided the sheds were no longer fit for purpose and should be replaced. 

Council will now work with the group to develop costed plans and investigate funding options for 

the new centre within six months.

Importantly there is also a bushfire safety aspect to the proposed centre.

Blackheath Oval is the only official Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) in Blackheath designated 

by the NSW Rural Fire Service. 

But the site has no facilities where people can shelter during a fire emergency. 

The centre will provide this shelter.

Over the last year BSPG has developed concept plans, with final plans to be completed once council reports back.

BSPG president Mark McGrath says the centre is "well overdue" and will provide ongoing benefits to Blackheath.

"Blackheath is an active community and one of the last towns in the Mountains without sports clubhouse facilities," he said.

"This centre will help us retain and grow sports participation in Blackheath. Research shows that community sports 

facilities help lower ongoing health costs via improved physical and mental health for people."

Mr McGrath said they were looking forward to working with council to get the project 'shovel-ready' 

so they can raise funding. It could be cost anywhere from two to three million dollars.

Plans provide for a two-storey clubhouse with toilets, changerooms, a kiosk and meeting room on the ground floor, 

with a function room and viewing deck overlooking the oval on the upper floor. 

It also features an indoor training space for the frequent occasions when the weather is too cold or wet.

He said there are also plans for an underground rainwater tank which could be used in a fire emergency.

Council has been asked to explore funding opportunities with the RFS over this aspect of the proposal.

Full article in the Blue Mountains Gazette

- BFC Events - 

Happy 9's with a future player

Lukas, Leo and James

2022 Presentation Day

Blackheath FC held it's annual presentation day at the Mountains Christian School on Sunday 11 December 2022.

2022 saw the club's teams fulfil their first full season since the global pandemic occurred. To celebrate that not

insignificant achievement  and the end of the season, parents, caregivers and players got together one more time 

and enjoyed a fast paced ceremony (!) followed by a sausage sizzle, cold drinks 

and food supplied by each family present.

It was very hot - for Blackheath - with 23° heat outside, so thankfully the hall at the Mountains Christian School remained shaded and cool. 

Committee member Jacinta Hangman got proceedings started with an impassioned plea for more parents to volunteer their time

 to the club next season, especially those parents with children in the early years of football. 

Next, Honorary Secretary Daniel Roberts got the show started, introducing the first presentation of the day which was

12's coach Melissa, who had to get away asap and help set up in town for the Christmas Carols that evening, 

presenting her team with their trophies and club pin badges.

Outside, as the ceremony took place, other committee members Yuen, Sarah, Jacinta and Reggie were ably assisted by Isaac Roberts

 in setting up the BBQ / Sausage Sizzle and trestle tables for the food.

All in all it was an event that went smoothly, and for those that did attend (about 90 - 100 people) it was an 

enjoyable catch up and celebration of our community football club.

All photos supplied by BFC parents. 

- BFC Events - 

Mid Season Barbie!

The BFC BBQ went ahead on the Friday evening of July 1st, as rain began to lightly fall after a dry start to winter. 

24 hours later it was a deluge.

The Blackheath FC barbecue was for all current players, coaches and parents to celebrate reaching the half way point in the current football season. (Photos below).

The club committee felt this was an achievement worth celebrating, given that so many things, including last years football season, were curtailed by the dreaded covid-19. 

It was cold, (about 2°) it was wet, but it was also great fun! 

We are really grateful to those who came along and enjoyed a sausage sizzle (or three, naming no names, Dave)  some music, and a chat. 

We also want to say a big thank you too, to those who were able to purchase our Blackheath FC 40th Anniversary gold plated lapel pin badges on the night to support the club.

In turn, these purchases allows us to run social events like this.

The plan is to hold another social BBQ before the final games of this season. See you there!

- BFC Events - 

2022 Muster Day & 2021 Presentation Day

Here's a few photos from Sunday March 27th, the annual Muster Day which was combined with the 2021 Presentation Day.

As you can see we squeezed, last minute, into the Blackheath Scout Hall after initial plans to hold the event outdoors 

in the Oval were scuppered by the rain.

It didn't stop our players from having a good time. Love the pride in their faces! 

Well done kids!

2022 Draw - Who plays who!

LDFA published the new 2022 season over the Anzac Weekend in April. The first game of the season for all our teams - bar the U6's - is Saturday April 30th. The U6's get a lie in that weekend and start their season on Saturday 7th of May. 

Go to the 2022 Draw

Here's a map of the playing fields at Lithgow. You'll see the pitches are labelled PH1. MF1, MF2, MJ2 etc. Look for the field name on your teams 2022 Draw (link above)

Every club in the LDFA must perform Duty Club duties.

2022 Duty Club Roster

Click here  for the 2022 Duty Club roster.

Blackheath FC has been rostered on the following dates.

Saturday 21st May 8:30am - Close 

Saturday 25th June 8:30am - Close

Saturday 13th August 8:30am - Close

Saturday 14th August (if we participate in the Sevens Carnival)

Click here for full details of Duty Club duties.

2022 Blackheath FC Mini Outlaws - Every Wednesday in Term 2. Registration is closed.

The club is running a Mini Roos Kick Off program in Term 2 of the 2022 school year. The cost is $35 for the term.

Mini Roos Kick Off is held every Wednesday afternoon during School Term 2 at Blackheath Oval 3:45 - 4:30pm with Coach Daniel.

To register, go to our registration page. Children must be registered before participating and there is a maximum of 20 children per term.

40th Anniversary Pin Badge

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2022, Blackheath FC has produced a limited number of collectable, gold plated, lapel pin badges. 

The pin is stamped metal, 25mm in size and shows our club badge.

We are selling the badges for $6 each or 3 badges for $15.

Postage is $3.30 Australia wide.

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