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Perpetual Awards

Each season Blackheath FC coaches, managers and players are in the running for various awards,

as a way of saying Thank You to those who have shown great commitment to their team, or the club, 

over the course of a season. 

Unfortunately, clear records have not been kept each season but we would like to acknowledge the 

following recipients in the past.

President's Shield

1982 Harry Holzmann

1983 Graham Jones

1984 Dianne Green

1985 Scott Linsted

1986 Paul Klausen

1988 Paul Klausen

1989 Graham Jones

1990 Nick Samios

1991 Michael Saba

1992 Michael Saba

1993 Larry Howard

1994 Larry Howard

1995 Richard Kelso

2005 Jack Jones

2006 Mick Jones

2007 Josh Beale

2009 Ian O'Neill

2010 Vikki Rhodes

2011 Dan Morrisson and Amani Mohamad

2012 Mark Linsley

2013 Enid McKay

2014 Rosemary Barnes

2015 Pam D'Arcey

Lythall Family Trophy Under 7 Hardest Trier

1992 Timothy Jones

1993 Pater Holl

1994 Kate Poppitt

1995 Tim Alderson

1996 Toby Campbell

Byron McCall Perpetual Trophy For Outstanding Sportmanship

2007 Craig Billingham & Joshua Beale

2008 James Walden & Lewis Oxenbould

2009 Jon Darragh, Nathan Fullerton & Sophie Beale

2010 Kerrie O'Neill

2011 Jacob Gray, Charlotte & Toby Corkin

2012 Tamara Hendy & David Geddes

Best & Fairest Junior

1986 Paul Kedward

1987 Paul Kedward

1988 William Blake

1989 Ross Hynard

1990 Anthony Samios

1991 Timon Wegner

1992 Ben Howe

1993 Benjamin Bowles

1994 James Campbell

Fred Bricknell Shield

1989 Mark Rapley

1990 James Duncan

1991 Barnaby Shaw

1992 Ben Hutchins

1993 Adam Pearce

1994 Christopher Goodman

1995 Andrew Bate

1996 Thomas Cook